ELEVATION was built to build surveillance around an existing or newly emerging epidemic/pandemic. With this technology, we aim to identify all new COVID-19 variants and build surveillance in all current and future variants of COVID-19 and other future epidemic/pandemics. This empowers you to protect yourself and the people you care about by recognizing the COVID-19 variant cases around you. The epidemiological data will help us earn government grants, change government policies, and more.

COVID-19 Variant test

We implement state of the art COVID variant testing technology to find all the new variants that are catastrophic to public health and offer them at a lower rate to app subscribers Delivered to your home:

COVID-19 delta/VOC variant RT-PCR test

GG SARS-Cov-2 Chip-6

Good Plus COVID-19 antigen test

vaccination around you

Our products assist management of COVID-19 variant Related Data/Technology Innovations in the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovations that aim to leverage data-and technology-driven strategies to enhance vaccination rates, minimize variant development and to alert the general public into responsible social distancing