Jina Moon Modeling PORTFOLIO

5’7′ 1/2 dress size 2-4 pants size 27 34-26-38 shoe 10 

most updated previous work:



Modeling portfolio

Music Video

• i can’t complain lead girl tony maccevelli 2022

• give me space, dancer, Tony Maccevelli, 2022

• LISTEN TO THE POURING RAIN, Barry Rock music video, Lana Parham, 2022

• rek banga music video, Ishell Baughan producer, 2023

• Grumpy Prapaganda – NFL (Super Bowl Rings On), dancer, Dee (superdave) monk, 2023

• Art of Anarchy, survivor, China celestine/lighthouse studios, May 2023

• chadonnay music video-danish devise, lead actress, One 21 productions, May 2023

Comedy Video

Runway Modeling

• picking up hot girls in Miami hot girl nelk boys 2021

• the dream, runway model, director Maksim Goldguber

• runway 7 fashion, runway model, director italo torres

• nyfw runway downtown fashion week new york, runway model, director maribel buret

• hi tech moda fashion show, runway model, sarasty/elevens bridal/Phyllis Imelda, director PS Privette, Sept 2022

• epn fashion week runway model, epn magazine (founder; Hubert And Maggie Delany), nyc, February 2023

• cosmopolitan fashion week runway model, crystal owens/monique obozo, nyc, February 2023

• New Day Associates Mother’s day Fashion Weekend, Isaiah Showel/New Day Associatesl, May 2023

Online Content

• fantasy football meme commercial, main lead girl on date, Fuckjerry, director Guy Blelloch

Ecommerce-Print & Video

• vex hair extension commercial product model-video and print stephen ko, nyc, February 2023


• Poughkeepsie vacation home, lead model-video, Chris Rahm/ Northguild, March 2023

• brooklyn point luxury building, lead model, kate lingo, 2022

• amazon kindle, girl in café, director sam frankel, 2022

• E trade commercial, wedding guest, 2022

• Krystal chicken sandwich, girl eating chips, rock davis production, 2022

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